What Does The Fox Say? Sharon White Shares Her Experiences In The William Fox-Pitt Clinic

Wednesday, 13 November 2013 / Published in Featured, Sharon White, Tredstep General, Tredstep Riders

We’ve had a chance to catch up with Tredstep rider Sharon White and chat about her experiences riding in the first-ever William Fox-Pitt clinic held in the U.S. recently.

Sharon rode Under Suspection (“Pippy”) in the clinic. Pippy is a 9 year old Holsteiner mare owned by Mary Ann Ghadban. Pippy and Sharon recently finished 4th in the CCI** at Fair Hill International.

Sharon loved how WFP’s approach was simple and straightforward and how he really honed in on what each individual horse needed. Everything was absolutely all about the horse and good horsemanship. Every rider knows that good horsemanship is good horsemanship, and it was great to have WFP reiterate that and demonstrate it through his exercises. He stressed creating a strong connection and self-carriage using inside leg to outside rein, a classic riding principle and emphasised on correct and effective rider position which Sharon found very useful.

Sharon looked very well turned out in her Raphael boots and her Symphony Rosa breeches in French Blue. She told us that she received a lot of compliments on her breeches and that a few other riders were wearing them as well!